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(September 8, 2018) SUMMARY PUBLICATION OF CITY OF WILLMAR ORDINANCE NO. 1426 AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF WILLMAR, MINNESOTA ENACTING A NEW ARTICLE II IN CHAPTER 14, SUBDIVISIONS, AND REPEALING ORDINANCE NO. 2.023, SUBDIVISION ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF WILLMAR Summary: Ordinance No. 1426 updates and amends Willmar City Code, Chapter 14 - Subdivisions, by amending the Chapter name to Land Development, adopting a new Article II (Subdivisions), and repealing Ordinance No. 2.023, Subdivision Ordinance of the City of Willmar. Pursuant to Minnesota Statute Chapters 505 and 462, this updates the City's subdivision and platting regulations so as to be consistent with the current process and best practices. The Ordinance as amended will define requirements for the preparation of plats, installation of improvements, park and open space dedication, approval and recording of plats, and penalties for violation of the Ordinance within the City of Willmar. The subdivision process will apply to all division of land resulting in tracts of land smaller than two and one half acres in area and one hundred fifty feet in width, and a certificate of survey will be required for all other division of land, subject to staff approval. The complete text of Ordinance No. 1426 may be obtained at no charge at City Hall (333 6th Street Southwest, Willmar, MN 56201), or from the City's website at Si Usted no lee inglés o si este aviso no contiene una explicación suficient, por favor comuniquese con Abby al 235-0850 ext. 1100, de Heartland Community Action Agency. Haddii Aadan Akhriyi Karin Ama Aadan Fahmeeynin Ogeeysiiskan, Fadlan Soo Wac: Sahra Gure, West Central Interpreting Services, LLC (320)235-0165 ama (320)441-8555.