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Close Everyone needs a secret clutter space

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Hi, my name is Melissa and I am a professional organizer. I have a secret. I have a place in my house where I hide clutter. This place is the floor in my walk-in closet.

This is the place where I stash things when we have 10 minutes before the guests come and I don't have time to properly put things in their places. I have even broken a toe in my closet when I kicked something that should not have been there.

However, most of the time what you will find on my closet floor are papers. Yes, that dreaded paper clutter. I too struggle with this. It is my evil nemesis.

Embarrassing but true story: I have given myself a paper cut to my eye. While going quickly through a stack of papers, one caught my eye...literally. A trip to the ER. Antibiotics for my eye. Embarrassment patch for my ego. But this is what I know, we all have a place where we have to hide our clutter during our clutter emergencies.

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