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5 tips for creating a healthier office

If you’d like to promote a healthier culture within your business but have no idea where to begin, Kelly Tauber, ReYou wellness coordinator at Rice Memorial Hospital, and Britney Lingl, health and wellness director at the Kandiyohi County Area Family YMCA, offer these tips.

  • Get rid of vending machines. “Provide fruit rather than candy, and have water available instead of pop,” Lingl said. “If a person reduces their pop consumption even for just a week, they will lose weight.” Lingl also suggests having low-fat, sugar-free flavor packets on hand to mix with water for added taste.
  • Know what your employees want in a wellness program. “Really find out what information your employees are looking for,” Tauber said. “If there’s a huge amount of interest in coping and dealing with stress, but an employer focuses their efforts on nutrition, it might not be beneficial for their employees.”
  • Direct employees to health and fitness resources in the community. “Employees need to know what’s out there that can benefit them, and know that their employers will support them in their efforts to be healthy,” Lingl said. “That should be a huge goal for employers.” Outside of classes at the YMCA, Lingl also recommends The Yoga Loft in Willmar, classes at Rice Memorial Hospital and classes for older adults at the Willmar City Auditorium as resources in the Kandiyohi County area.
  • Have support from the top down. “Having buy-in from upper management is critical to help engage and motivate employees within the organization,” Tauber said.
  • Provide incentives. “It’s all about incentives, incentives, incentives,” Tauber said. “They don’t have to be monetary, either. Competitions can be very motivating for people.” The key to workplace competitions is to keep them fun, lighthearted and friendly, Tauber said.

For more information on the ReYou program at Rice Memorial Hospital, visit For more information on the Kandiyohi County Area Family YMCA, visit

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