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Angels who took a chance

In June of 2010, my 57-year-old brother moved up here from Arizona. Scott is a friendly, hardworking individual who drove to Willmar in three and a half days by himself. What makes this story unique is that he is a high-functioning developmentally disabled person. He has always worked in a full-time job, most recently as a security guard, with little assistance from the outside world.

As soon as he arrived, Scott hit the ground running in search of a job. With the poor economy and limited skills, things were looking pretty bleak. My brother is extremely independent and prefers to live on his own. He truly wants to be self-supportive without any governmental aid. We have noticed that the Willmar area is a good place to live and work for people with disabilities.

Through a tip from a co-worker, we discovered that Willmar does have angels. The owners and manager of Domino's Pizza have taken a chance on my brother and hired him to deliver pizzas. I am not sure if this job will work out, but I would like to thank them and the entire Willmar community for this great opportunity and for literally opening a door for my brother. So, if Scott comes to your door with a Domino's Pizza, give yourself a little pat on the back for supporting him and his quest to stay in this fabulous town.