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As of Wednesday morning, a black bear still is in a tree near the intersection of East 9th Street and Oregon Avenue. Law enforcement first received reports of the bear in town Tuesday night, but attempts to chase it out of town failed and the bear climbed the tree instead, drawing dozens of onlookers. Photo courtesy Judy Johnston.

A bear trees himself in Morris

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There's a bear in a tree in Morris.

Let's repeat that: There's a bear in a tree. In Morris.

Granted, that's not quite as strange as, say, seeing a kangaroo romping down Atlantic Avenue. But the burly black beasts typically are denizens of the northern forests of Minnesota, not the flat, open fields of West Central Minnesota.


But, nonetheless, there it is, perched in a tree near the intersection of East 9th Street and Oregon Avenue.

Law enforcement and state wildlife officials were discussing the situation on Wednesday morning as dozens of people, including daycare kids, stood by watching the bear, which had wedged itself in a crook in the tree and appeared to be napping off and on.

Law enforcement first heard the bear was in town at about 11 p.m. Tuesday night. Reportedly, a woman stated she hit the bear with her car. However, there was no damage to the car so the collision probably was minor, law enforcement stated.

Morris police responded and attempted to chase the bear out of city limits, but the bear instead climbed the tree and was still hanging out there late Wednesday morning.