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Boys Tennis: NLS wins three WC titles

Tribune Staff Report

West Central

BENSON -- New London-Spicer took first in 4-singles, 1-doubles and 2-doubles Satuday at the conference tourney.

Berett Steffen won both his 4-singles matches for first place, and Seth Nelson and Spencer Moller claimed the 1-doubles title while Douglas Fortney and Elliott Eckhoff claimed the crown in 2-doubles.

Cody Treptau and Austin Laumb took second at 2-singles and 3-singles, respectively.

No other results were provided.

How NLS Fared


(1) Tyler Halvorson 2-1 (third place) (2) Cody Treptau 1-1 (second place) (3) Austin Laumb 1-1 (second place) (4) Berett Steffen 2-0 (first place)


(1) Seth Nelson/Spencer Moller 2-0 (first place) (2) Douglas Fortney/Elliott Eckhoff 2-0 (first place) (3) Eli Nelson/Jon Miller 2-1 (third place)