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City of Willmar Building Permits

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business Willmar,Minnesota 56201
West Central Tribune
City of Willmar Building Permits
Willmar Minnesota 2208 Trott Ave. SW / P.O. Box 839 56201

March 1 to 31, 2012

Gil Warriner, 1228 29th St. N.W., residential reroof, $7,000.

Jay Tornquist, 717 Ninth St. S.W., residential reroof, $9,280.

Steve Harberts, 924 First St. S., interior remodel for ice cream shop, $44,800.

Marshfield Food Safety, 1404 High Ave. N.E., interior tenant build-out for food lab, $335,000.

Doug and Janis Hoogeveen, 1313 17th St. S.W., interior remodel, $20,000.

Wes Haglund, 2008 10th St. S.W., residential reroof, $11,000.

Jeramy Sietsema, 701 18th St. S.W., 9 by 12 second-story addition, $10,000.

Divine House, 1022 Olaf Ave. N.W., move laundry/remodel interior, $15,000.

Willmar Ten Investors Sherry Erickson, 1303 First St. S., tenant finish, $132,000.

John Magnuson, 605 Fourth St. S.E., residential reroof, $7,500.

Herman Vanniejenhuis, 1103 Fourth St. S.W., residential remodel and reroof, $13,000.

Donna Nibbe, 1025 Fourth St. S.W., residential reroof, $9,000.

Jerome Ledeboer, 430 Highland Rd., S.W., residential reroof, $4,500.

Matthew Larson, 1408 Ninth St. S.W., residential reside, $6,000.

Doug Magnuson, 805 Richland Ave. S.W., residential reroof-garage, $1,000.

Dave Baker, 1001 First St. S., interior tenant remodel, $8,500.

Bennett Office, 2320 First St. S., reroof office building, $7,415.

Cindy Swenson, 716 Fifth St. S.W., reside detached garage, $1,000.

Theresa Watkins, 1312 Ninth St. S.E., replace front steps, $900.

Dave and Janet Haugen, 1000 Pleasantview Dr. S.E., residential deck, $3,500.

Janis Hoogeveen, 1313 17th St. S.W., install interior drain tile/13 wall anchors, $7,660.

Peterson Bros. Funeral Home, 700 Becker Ave. S.W., commercial reroofing, $12,391.

Chad Knutson, 1214 Campbell Ave. N.W., install egress window, $800.

Michelle Wenberg, 1315 Kandiyohi Ave. S.W., wall anchors/drain tile system, $8,626.

Prieb Properties FED EX, 1611 Trott Ave. S.W., construct 8,500 SF addition, $435,435.

William Martin, 1301 Sixth St. S.W., residential reroof home, $2,500.

Koosman Construction, 264/268 Terraplane Dr. S.E., two units of a four-unit apartment building, $239,396.

Koosman Construction, 272/276 Terraplane Dr. S.E., two units of a four-unit apartment building, $239,396.

Bill Leenstra, 804 13½ Ave. S.W., residential reroof, $3,000.

LHS Properties, 710 Sixth St. S.W., replace 6 by 20 deck, $4,000.

All information is from the City of Willmar Building Inspection Report. The value of the project is rounded to the nearest dollar. Building removals have no dollar value.