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City of Willmar Building Permits

<p>March 1 to 31, 2013</p>

<p>James and Ann Grass, 420 Ninth St. S.W., 112 feet interior drain tile, $5,800.</p>

<p>AEHC LLC Gabe Olson, 616 Business 71 N., reside and reroof motel, $45,000.</p>

<p>Leah Brouwer, 1209 10th St. S.E., finish basement, $3,000.</p>

<p>J. Herzog and Sons, Kandi Mall, 1605 First St. S., Suite B, new tenant remodel, Rue 21, $180,000.</p>

<p>Justin L. Banken, 702 Second St. S.W., 92 feet interior drain tile, $4,578.</p>

<p>Marit Nelson, 500 25th Ave. S.W., radon mitigation system, $1,650.</p>

<p>Martin W. and Darcy K. Roisum, 1101 16th St. S.W., residential reside, $6,000.</p>

<p>Craig K. Radel, 1101 High Ave. N.E., commercial reroof, $337.</p>

<p>Doug Gilles, 1601 Hansen Dr. S.W., residential reside, $4,500.</p>

<p>Marilyn K. Yoakum, 1444 Grace Ave. S.W., 59 feet interior drain tile, $3,100.</p>

<p>Johnathon W. Jenniges, 705 Lakeland Dr. S.E., residential reside, $2,000.</p>

<p>Evelyn A. Bruess, Larry Bruess, 917 Fourth St. S.W., residential reroof, $2,000.</p>

<p>Manuel Bustos, 324 Sixth St. S.W., finish basement, $150.</p>

<p>Ann Garcia, 2205 21st Ave. S.W., residential reroof, $3,090.</p>

<p>Jeramy Sietsema, 701 18th St. S.W., hand frame rafters and roof over kitchen, $2,260.</p>

<p>All information is from the City of Willmar Building Inspection Report. The value of the project is rounded to the nearest dollar. Building removals have no dollar value.</p>