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The following is a list of convictions in Kandiyohi County for felony, gross misdemeanor and misdemeanor charges. The date listed is the date of the offense.


Jose Antonio Mercado, 21, Willmar, aggravated forgery, Nov. 23, 2004.

Rosamaria Rangel, 29, Willmar, forgery, June 22.

Jorge David Bazaldua, 21, Willmar, criminal vehicular operation - substantial bodily harm - alcohol, Dec. 31, 2004.

Cyrus Douglas Sheppard, 24, Granite Falls, fifth-degree assault - previous convictions, Jan. 20.

Gross misdemeanor

Beth Marie Gorres, 24, Willmar, DWI, July 24.

Vicki Lyn Porter, 41, Raymond, criminal vehicular operation resulting in great bodily harm, DWI, Feb. 20.

Robert Charles Benoit, 39, Granite Falls, obstruction of the legal process, April 15.

Zachary Alan Rolffs, 21, Willmar, fourth-degree criminal damage to property, April 22.

Corey J. Schueler, 29, Willmar, DWI, June 23.

Jeremy Lee Nelson, 30, Spicer, DWI, April 23.

Joseph Paul Marcus, 19, Willmar, DWI, July 10.

Bruce Stanley Lane, 57, Willmar, driving after cancellation - inimical to public safety, Aug. 29.


Forrest Don Foster, 27, Pennock, no proof of insurance, May 20.

Andrew Stephen Gryskiewicz, 20, Clara City, theft, Aug. 3.

Tal Lorentz Heldt, 43, Dawson, trailer not equipped with safety chains, motor vehicle title - fail to deliver certificate to transferee within 10 days, failure to obtain new driver's license after changing name or address, Aug. 5.

Richard Alan Johnson, 20, Willmar, uninsured vehicle, possess over 1.4 grams marijuana in vehicle, July 11.

Clayton Jay Kettering II, 20, Glenwood, driving after revocation, July 24.

Reggie Allen Ledeboer, 18, Willmar, issuance of a dishonored check, July 2.

Jesus Lozano, 43, Willmar, no insurance, driving after revocation, July 26.

Johnnell Victoria Mcintyde, 21, St. Cloud, issuance of a dishonored check, May 10.

Jody Lynn Stauffer, 32, Willmar, fifth-degree assault, May 30.

Jason Ronald Haugen, 19, Willmar, underage consumption, July 17.

Travis Leander Quisberg, 29, Spicer, DWI, Aug. 6.

Aaron Ross Harms, 19, Clara City, DWI, Aug. 30.

Higinio Millan, 36, Willmar, domestic assault, July 23.

Melinda Sue Richards, 38, Willmar, theft, July 15.

Carlos Antonio Crueze Del Valle, 31, Willmar, driver's license - instruction permit violations - persons 18 or more years of age, Aug. 31.

Gregory Duwayne Johnson Jr., 28, Willmar, careless driving, May 12.

Gary Jerome Olsen, 36, New London, forestry - open burning - prohibited materials, Aug. 11.

Hadrian Franco, 27, Willmar, disorderly conduct, June 24.

Cassie Evlyn Mithaugen, 23, Belgrade, theft, Sept. 6.

Angelica Morin, 28, Kerkhoven, no Minnesota driver's license, Aug. 3, 1997.

Jay Tyler Anderson, 20, Springfield, abandon motor vehicle on private property without consent of property owner, Sept. 3.

Anthony Martin Beringer, 57, Willmar, violation of designated truck route, Sept. 8.

Laura Campos, 18, Willmar, require/permit offense by another - traffic regulation, July 6.

Christopher Lyle Pesch, 22, Willmar, DWI, July 19.

Soraya Campos, 32, Willmar, failure to stop for school bus, Sept. 9.

Antonio P. Davila, 21, Willmar, driver's license - instruction permit violations - persons 18 or older, no proof of insurance, Sept. 17.

Julian Sanchez Lopez, 35, Willmar, driving after revocation, Sept. 10.

Brittney Nettles, 18, Madison, no Minnesota driver's license, Aug. 17.

Steven George Wolfe, 22, St. Cloud, failure to obtain new driver's license after changing name or address, June 16.

Brennon Carl Berg, 18, Spicer, underage consumption, possession of alcohol by persons under 21, Aug. 20.

Thomas Keven Dillon, 42, Paynesville, license not valid for type of vehicle being driven, annual inspection of motor vehicles, Aug. 11.

Angelica Marie Deleon, 18, Willmar, theft, Aug. 13.

James Richard Hawes, 62, Atwater, driving around barricade, Aug. 30.

Christopher Ruiz, 19, Willmar, driving after revocation, Aug. 20.

drix Nelson Navarro Figueroa, 27, Willmar, no proof of insurance, July 30.

Harold Fritz Danielson, 87, Spicer, driver fails to stop at entrance to through highway or for stop sign, June 24.

Jonathan David Anderson, 18, Spicer, giving a peace officer a false name, underage consumption, Sept. 3.

David Rivera Charriez, 33, Willmar, driving without a valid license, no insurance, license plate violation, Sept. 12.

Timothy Joseph Dewane, 19, Willmar, using a ficticious name when applying for a driver's license, falsely reporting a crime, Aug. 25.

Randy Lee Garvick, 20, Prinsburg, driving after suspension, Aug. 27.

Petrolino Molina, 22, Raymond, driving after suspension, Sept. 29.

Raul Veliz Jr., 22, Willmar, indecent exposure, March 11.

Raul Veliz Jr., 22, Willmar, indecent exposure, March 18.

Darwin Lynn Blokzyl, 50, Willmar, obstruction of the legal process, Sept. 2.

Darwin Lynn Blokzyl, 50, Willmar, harassment - violation of a restraining order, Sept. 15.

Daniel Thomas Rios, 24, Willmar, driving without a valid license, Aug. 20.

Dustin James Moran, 18, Svea, underage consumption, Aug. 26.

Martin Torres Jr., 20, Willmar, no proof of insurance, July 22, 2004.

Rosio Mejia Guevaro, 20, Willmar, violation of instruction permit, Aug. 31.

Ryan Michael Moldestad, 20, Belview, underage consumption, Aug. 18.

Lenard Scott Sage, 18, Delhi, underage consumption, Aug. 18.

Daniel Vasquez, 35, Willmar, disorderly conduct, July 29.

Jeramy John Wharton, 28, Willmar, driving after suspension, Aug. 29.