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Defining the GOP majority

While watching Fox News the other day, I tuned in to Rush Limbaugh who was condemning the Republican Party because they have lost their dedication to true conservatism. I am as conservative as they come and have always followed the Republican Party platform, but I find one fault in Limbaugh's reasoning.

He finds no room in our party for anyone who is not 100 percent conservative. Limbaugh misses the point that there are not enough 100 percent true conservatives in our party to win an election. You need to have the majority vote to win an election.

In the 1960s, the Republicans had an energetic state chairman who said if a person votes for two or more of our candidates, we can consider that person a Republican.

This person may not be the 100 percent true Republican that Rush Limbaugh thinks should make up the party, but it's the kind of person we need to win elections.

The only way a party wins an election is if they have the majority, and the Republicans will not be a majority if they are made up only of 100 percent, far-right Republicans.