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Gibson is director of Fagen Museum in Granite Falls, Minn.

GRANITE FALLS -- Greg Gibson has been named director of the Fagen Fighters World War II Museum. He assumed the position in May.

As an avid pilot, history buff and World War II enthusiast, Gibson has found a natural home in this new facility. He works closely with the Fagens, helping to develop their vision and to oversee the museum's layout, exhibits, public relations and maintenance.

Gibson comes from a sales and marketing background in the automotive, technology, and aviation industries. A native of North Florida, Gibson began flying in 2003 and is a commercial pilot and holds an instrument rating in both single and multi-engine aircraft.

While continuing his own flight education, he was media director for an airshow competition series in 2005-2006, and worked as the director of flight operations at a small airport in Birmingham, Ala.

Gibson returned to Tampa, Fla., in 2007, and started Tailwind Enterprises Inc., an aviation marketing firm. Through this work, he met veteran airshow performer Greg Poe. Poe had recently begun working with Fagen Inc. as his sponsor, promoting ethanol as a domestic fuel alternative to foreign oil.

Gibson organized all media operations, maintained all company website and print materials, and acted as photographer and videographer during media flights and airshows. He organized and scheduled publicity events and personal appearances for Poe and coordinated with Fagen Inc. to host guests and VIPs that attended each air show. He also flew the company's A36 Bonanza and assisted with flight operations.

After Poe's sudden death in 2011, the Fagens retained Gibson in their business development team. Later that same year, they informed him of their plan to open the Fagen Museum and offered him the role of director.

Gibson and his wife, Jackie, have two daughters and live in New London.