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How to fix the economy

Gasoline is the villain. Gasoline got us into this mess and gasoline is going to get us out of it. Wishful thinking? Ambiguous? Maybe.

Being old enough to remember the elections of 1940 and 1944, I recall how we gave the president almost dictatorial power to do whatever he though was necessary. He issued orders for five gallons of gas per week and a speed limit of 35 mph. He also moved over one million citizens from the west coast to desert homes for security reasons.

Our new mandated president has been given tremendous power, not electorally as much, but psychologically, to get us out of the mess we have gotten ourselves into.

This is what I would like to have our new leader to do: tell all of the world's oil-producing countries and refineries to provide America with ample crude so as to provide gasoline for $2 at the pump. On top of that amount, I would like him to take $20 off the top to provide him with a special president's fund.

This money would not go to the treasury, but be set aside for the president and vice president to do with as he sees fit. This money should be used to rebuild America and make millions of well-paying jobs. Special commissions would be appointed by the president to oversee and allocate disbursement of work and money.

Every work appointee would be an expert in his field with no political hacks allowed. These commissioners would meet with the president and vice president monthly to ensure that all projects from railroads, sewers, highways, city streets, etc., are being properly funded and organized.

I'm convinced that the president's new stimulus is going to dissipate faster than a Pettit-Madoff promise and six months from now we are going to ask, "What in the world happened to all that money?"

I can think of no better way than providing American workers with a necessary and daily influx of funds to get the job done.

If someone has a better idea, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Don Skimland