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Letter: Act like a leader, Willmar

I feel I must weigh in on the importance of conferences and meetings for city officials.

I attended the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities Conference referenced at the Willmar finance meeting on Monday night. The coalition represents cities from Greater Minnesota outside the Twin Cities area.

It was an excellent opportunity to learn from speakers but also from other city officials.

Minnesota has some truly exceptional mayors, council members, administrators and financial directors and a conference gives a unique opportunity to connect and listen to how unique situations are resolved. One city does not have all the answers but each is unique, and by listening, city officials and staff can learn and create that unique package for their city.

The Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities has worked tirelessly for our cities. They need our support.

Be part of the solution, not the problem.

Willmar is a regional center for our area. Act like a leader and make us proud.

Suzanne M. Hilgert

Mayor of Olivia