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Letter: Ad distorted Vogel record

In the Aug. 29 edition of the West Central Tribune, the DFL had a half-page ad against Bruce Vogel. They stated that he can't be trusted to tell the truth. If you can't trust Bruce, you can't trust anyone. Let us look at the facts.

In 2009, before Bruce Vogel was in the legislature the DFL legislature borrowed $2 billion from the schools fund. In 2011, the legislature, when Vogel was there, compromised with Gov. Dayton and borrowed $700 million from the same fund. Gov. Dayton wanted to borrow $1.4 billion. This year $318 million was paid back to the school fund, almost half. It was passed in the Legislature to pay it all back, however, Dayton vetoed it.

Another item is the removal of the Homestead Credit; I can speak quite well on this with my real estate background. The Homestead Credit years ago was enacted to encourage Minnesotans to buy homes and the state actually gave a credit on your tax statement. We are now one of the highest states with home ownership. Changing this did away with a layer of bureaucracy from the state and let local governments do their business.

Bruce Vogel and the legislature actually added $30 million to the property tax refund. This goes directly to the poor, who have a hard time paying their property taxes. Is this not a better option than the horrendous bookkeeping of homestead credit back to local governments that we had in the past. Pat Kessler, of Reality Check on WCCO, has researched this and said 68 percent of the people have had an increase in property tax not 95 percent as has been stated by his opponent. Go back to your local governments not the state legislature.

We need Bruce Vogel back at the capitol. He doesn't have a special interest agenda but wants only to work for good government.

Betty Bollig