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Letter: America needs a leader

Your editorial from March 2 (“Willmar needs a mayor who leads”) was mistitled. It should have read instead, “America needs a president who leads.”

Referring back to the Tribune from Feb. 27, there were at least four separate articles supporting the need for that substitution.

Both the excerpted editorials under the American Opinion on Page A4 pointed out presidential errors in financial policy and with drone attacks over foreign soil. (Can anyone imagine foreign drone attacks over U.S. soil?)

Richard Cohen, normally quite liberal, in his column on the same page pointed out Obama’s arrogance and weak foreign policy.

Finally on Page A10, the next to the last paragraph in the article about the release of illegal immigrants shows how Obama’s action “undermines (Republican) efforts to come together with the administration…”

Yeah, I’m still regretting the missed opportunity to replace a talker with a leader.