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Letter: Another of Obama's deceptions

The cap and trade proposal before Congress is another one of President Obama's great deceptions. What's so unbelievable is the fact that the same scheme had already been tried in Europe, with no appreciable reduction in greenhouse gases.

However, what this legislation will accomplish is to dramatically raise our utility bills, along with the price of gasoline and diesel fuel. It has been estimated that our electricity bills will probably increase 60 to 70 percent.

A number of people in this country are forced to live on fixed incomes (myself included). We are already having a hard time making ends meet. What will it be like if Congress passes this "socialist-inspired" cap and trade legislation? No matter whether it's through legislation or through regulation, cap and trade would destroy the only bright spot in the current economic environment, lower energy prices!

I'd love nothing better than to be able to support our Congress and our president, but they're bleeding us dry, and there seems to be no way to stop them. As far as I'm concerned, the government stopped working for us years ago, and every day that I read or listen to the news, I get the feeling that I'm being exploited by our representatives in Washington, including our puppet president... some change.

I like to refer to Obama as a puppet, because I feel both he and President Bush were nothing but puppets for the globalist bankers. They were both being directed by the globalist movement. As long as we allow President Obama to keep doing what he has been doing, it won't be long until we are stripped of all our liberties.

It doesn't do any good to criticize a particular administration. Instead, we should be laying the blame on those who are guilty. Instead, we have to step out of the left/right paradigm and start doing research ourselves, using everything at our disposal, in order to start doing a better job of trying to determine who is better qualified to lead this nation, while we still can.

Norm Baker