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Letter: Another pick for president

If you look in the newspapers or listen to the news on TV, you would think only two people are running for president. Well, the good news is that we have another choice we can vote for; his name is Bob Barr.

Both Barack Obama and John McCain either want to keep things as they are or want to increase spending and taxes to pay for their spending sprees.

We already have a huge debt -- trillions of dollars. They are ignoring that and planning to spend more as if the debt is going to disappear on its own.

Bob Barr, if elected, would start cutting back on programs that cost billions and are not necessary. He would push for "the fair tax" to replace the illegal income tax and all other federal taxes.

Most industries pay big amounts of money to people who will give them big tax breaks (the people running for office get re-elected and the average workers get the shaft). That is why we need to vote for Bob Barr. Barr will represent the people, not the out-of-control big government.

Incidentally, he is also for the Second Amendment, the right to protect yourself and your home.