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Letter: The answer to our problems

It is time to take a check on the direction politics is taking in our area. In 2010 some 15 money bills came before our House of Representatives. The District 20A representative, Andrew Falk, voted taxpayer-friendly 7 percent of the time, according to the 2010 legislative scorecard of the Taxpayers League of Minnesota. He did not have the courtesy to respond to a Minnesota Citizens Concerned For Life survey and gave no response on nine queries. What does that say about his social values?

Then we have the loss of the Appleton prison with its big loss of jobs and taxes. We then can turn to District 7, Congressman Collin Peterson following Nancy Pelosi's tax-and-spend policies over 90 percent of the time. They include the gigantic health bill with its mandates and ways to destroy the best health care in the world; cap and trade, a most nonsensical idea which will effectively destroy the corn ethanol and sugar beet industries, so vital to our district. Also known as cap and tax, this will add $1,500 to the average American family's energy cost annually.

Besides this negative voting he insults his voters by saying, "If they didn't hear all this negative stuff from the national press, if they would've been isolated from everything the last three to four years, they wouldn't have known anything was going on," a fresh quote from Collin Peterson about the 7th Congressional District.

Lee Byberg for Congress, our answer for creating jobs, bringing fiscal principles and responsibility back to Washington. Simplify the tax system, reducing financial burden on families and small business. Replace "Pelosi Care," reduce ever-rising health care costs without cutting Medicare. National defense to protect vital security interests of United States. Lee Byberg for U.S. Congress, Jay Backer for state representative will help answer our problems.

Albin Skogstad