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Letter: The antithesis of science

Cal Thomas’ “No denying climate change deniers in this new world,” is the antithesis of science. Thomas debunks climate change models without using any of the tools scientists use. As a columnist, Thomas uses ideology as his anti-science tool, simply because he’s naive when it comes to science.

He’s left with slinging some counter data, like “the Earth is actually cooling.” If this is the case, then I would challenge Thomas to use his climate model to explain why the Earth is cooling. His model should be able to make predictions about cooling trends over time.

Unlike Thomas, scientists have spent their adolescence and young adulthood mastering the skills needed to understand nature. And studying climate science and unraveling the complex physical laws require highly trained and skilled experts.

Thomas should stick to his strength: writing opinionated political columns. He could better use his wordsmithing to begin a discussion: what if climate change is correct? What does that mean to the corporations he supports? How can we shift our energy demands from fossil fuel to alternative energies? If the climate change model is right, how much time do we have before our weather patterns disrupt our food chains?

And if we transition our economy to alternative energies, and find out the climate change model is wrong, what impact would that have on our economy? Wouldn’t our dynamic capitalist model, espoused by Thomas, respond to market demands anyway? Wouldn’t our energy use become more efficient? Wouldn’t there be less pollution? And consequently better health? Thomas should be helping us to find these answers, rather than assume the answers are known.

Pat Thibault