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Letter: Are you doing your civic duty?

Fellow Americans, are you doing your civic duty? When was the last time you read or saw something about an elected official doing something that you didn't like? Did you make a phone call to that official's office? Did you write a letter? Send a fax? Send an e-mail? The number for the U.S. Capitol switchboard is 202-224-3121. On the Internet you can write to All the state and local offices are in the phone book.

Yes, you think, I'm but one voice! True, but if one in 10 of us would make our voices heard, we would be speaking out loud and clear. For the last election did you do your due diligence and actually do research on the candidates, or did you just listen to the TV ads and the 20-second sound bites provided to you by the left-wing liberal media?

Fellow Americans, it's time to get off your duffs and do your jobs! America is fast becoming a socialist society GM -- Government Motors -- is just one example of many. Our so-called elected officials are slowly taking away our rights in the name of national security.

When was the last time you sought out news from a source other than the evening news from one of the major networks on TV or just one newspaper, or sought out the whole story and not just the 20-second sound bite? If you didn't, you're not doing your job! The left-wing liberal media only gives you the news they want you to hear or read.

If a police officer stopped you in your vehicle and wanted to search your car in the name of public safety, would you let them, or would you tell them to get a search warrant, that is your constitutional right. If you didn't you're not doing your job!

There are many important issues facing America today, and if America is to survive we must make our voices heard! We must stand up and speak up or there will no America for our children and grandchildren. Fellow Americans, it's time to get off your duff and do your job!

Earl Pederson