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Letter: Attacks on Gimse wrong

Credibility comes with speaking the truth and providing the evidence that proves it. The supporters of Senator Lyle Koenen are spending lots of their money on newspaper/radio ads and mailings to misrepresent his opponent Senator Joe Gimse's character and voting record. Not fully disclosing or twisting information is deceitful. Hopefully their slander and lack of credibility will backfire on Election Day.

One of the many unfounded allegations is Gimse didn't pay his property taxes. The facts: Families and businesses had and are financially struggling because of our state and country's poor economy. The construction industry was severely impacted. Despite the hardship, Gimse Brothers Construction's property taxes were paid but delayed. And to the contrary, the residential property taxes have always been paid in full and on time. The Kandiyohi County Treasurer can validate it.

It is wrong that Koenen allows personal attacks on a person and business that struggled like the rest of us, especially when the financial hardship was resolved. This distortion becomes more pathetic when knowing Koenen had continuous multiple financial troubles too but his problems required drastic measures. Koenen had six judgments in Chippewa County against him in a span of nine years, including bankruptcy.

Senator Gimse is a good ole Joe; he has humbly walked in our shoes. His optimistic outlook and genuine determination to find positive solutions to our problems make him an excellent public servant. During his six years in office, he has earned our trust. We need to send Senator Joe Gimse back to St. Paul to fight for our rural principles, values and welfare.

Sue Quist