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Letter: Bad task for soldiers

I was seriously troubled by the picture and caption in your Oct. 25 issue of the West Central Tribune.

The National Guardsmen in formation holding a bag of our garbage from Robbins Island. I assume these were recruits, God forbid there be a combat veteran out there picking up our garbage.

To me this is not right even for the recruits, and quite disrespectful for us to allow these men and women to pick up after us. How can we expect these young men and women in the near future to put their lives on the line for us?

If we, the general public, would pick up after ourselves, it might show some respect for our public parks and also the crews that have to pick up after us. Someone is going to say, "Well, these troops volunteered for this duty." Well, I've been in the military. I know how they get their volunteers.

I hope we will remember our young neighbor who was just sent home for us to bury. I hope no one would expect or even think about having his service members walking our roadways picking up our garbage.

Roger Caron