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Letter: Become informed, not misled

Is the West Central Tribune a tabloid that prints innuendos and twisted information with flair of sensationalism? Is it to stimulate interest to sell their “newspaper” or is it a means to push their liberal biases? After reading another West Central Tribune unsubstantiated attack on Mayor Frank Yanish, one suspects the latter.

The Tribune writes in its editorial that “in fact, this group has been meeting at 9 a.m. every Thursday recently at the Willmar City Hall.” If this meeting was so secretive, why did the group gather in a building that is accessible to the public and during broad daylight? The Tribune’s implication is absurd!

What also doesn’t make sense is a newspaper that over and over again wrongfully criticizes some fiscally conservative city elected officials. Apparently the Tribune disagrees with the voters’ selection of who would best represent our city. The Tribune has the freedom to express their liberal opinion but they also have the responsibility to report unbiased news with full accurate disclosure.

Are the Tribune’s character assassinations and tales of secret meetings a smokescreen? The Tribune is distracting the public from an important item on the agenda – detailed information on all three of the government reorganization plans. The Tribune reports extensively about the study by Brimeyer-Fursman of Maplewood. Their consultants offered options A and B, which the Tribune describes fully. They also list the consultant’s viewpoint of each of their options. Yet Option C, which was released by our mayor, has minimal and vague coverage. The background as to why it was necessary to develop an alternative plan and the benefits of its implementation are not fully disclosed. Why was there more ink in the June 12 and 13 news articles about the alleged secret meetings, the advisory group and options A and B than option C?

For readers who seek full knowledge instead of entertainment, please go to the City of Willmar’s website, www.willmarmn/gov, to read about option C yourself. Become informed, not misled.

Sue Quist