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Letter: Benefits of nationalized health care would outweigh negatives

In response to Evelyn Guggisberg's letter, firstly, it is both false and slightly outrageous that "the majority of Americans now consider themselves pro-life." If the majority of Americans were in fact pro-life, Sen. McCain would now be president. Free and readily accessible birth control (as in the United Kingdom) might go some way into remedying the problem; clearly right-wing abstinence education (which does nothing to educate sexually active teens) needs to go as well.

Republicans trash health care reform because their main concern is the American dollar. But in making sure everyone has the right to make as much money as possible, they step on those who will never have that option. Heaven forbid our health care take on some attributes of the social health care models that are successful in both the UK and other countries.

I live in England and have enjoyed the benefits of a tax-based health care system for several years now. I worry about moving back to "the best country in the world," where my first priority will be to get health insurance, at any cost, or I may be paying for it for the rest of my life. If it is "socialist" to pay $500 more every year to pay for the government health care option for those who need it, so be it.

Guggisberg's other hysterical statements (death chambers for the elderly? seriously?) are what frighten me about my home country. The politicians of the past decade have been so successful at scaring Americans into a frenzy that it's unsurprising she's worried about such ludicrous fallacies. Problems with any policy are to be expected. However, the long-term benefits and goals of a nationalized health care program would far outweigh the negatives.

Finally I would suggest that it's the health care industry, the money-grabbing insurance companies (capitalistic, free market economy? or criminal activity?) that have ruled us for the past 50 years. It's time the government stepped in to do something about it. Many Americans asked for this change when voting for our current senator and president. No one is "disregarding" my will.

Amy Holtz

Willmar and England