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Letter: The bigotry of the devout

Devout Christians who insist they have no special prejudice against gays and lesbians but only want to protect their own marriages from contamination make it clear that they truly are bigoted against the GLBT community, or they would mount an even more strident campaign against divorce, which is an even greater threat to family values and is currently exponential in its practice by Catholic laity and Protestant laity and clergy alike.

Pederasty is favored by wholesale numbers of Catholic clergy and was carefully hidden for generations by the Catholic hierarchy who now are so fervent in persecuting the gay community after remaining silent as the tomb about “sinners” in their own ranks.

The fact is that these adulterers — yes, adulterers — are too numerous as pillars of their churches and big-time givers to ruffle their feathers so pick only on the much smaller number of so-called deviants and display their uptight religiosity publicly in attacking them.

These so-called Christians without a conscience have no argument to offer to counter this charge, so how can they continue ever so piously to assure gays and lesbians how much they love them if they only remain single and do not practice any form of sexuality or love for their own kind?

If heterosexuals were given the same advice they would consider such advice truly lunatic!

Lee Paulson