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Letter: Blame the Republicans

Who am I describing in the following situations?

Action may soon be taken to stop the doubling of the college loan interest rates. These people want to pay for it by cutting a plan that provides medical care such as mammograms and preventive care to lower classes, women and the elderly.

These people are 99 percent middle and lower class yet they don't mind that 1 percent of their group making millions of dollars every year pays income taxes at a much lower rate.

Lack of regulating the banking industry helped lead us into the recent recession. It's hard to believe that this group is supporting those failed policies.

Some of them are committing to cut the Environmental Protection Agency if they are elected. This would bring us back to the "burning rivers" situation decades ago. Rather than cutting subsidies to Big Oil that is making billions and is in no danger of collapse, they want to cut subsidies to green energy programs that need aid.

State aid to schools and local governments has been cut by these uncaring people. They know property taxes will be raised, so that's fair, even though they are the least fair of taxes. Apparently they don't care about quality education.

Who loudly voiced that their most important goal was not to lift our country out of the mess they had caused but to cause it to fail?

The answer -- Republicans!

Graden West

New London