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Letter: Bring back the old Willmar

I moved back to Willmar after 45 years of living elsewhere. As a child growing up in Willmar, I went to all of the high school football games and basketball games. The cheerleaders led the crowd with their spirit and enthusiasm. The marching band performed at halftime on the field in their uniforms. The players loved the support from all of the above.

I was very disappointed at the football game I went to last Friday, Sept. 18. There were no cheerleaders, no marching band performing at halftime on the field, a concession stand that only served soda and popcorn.

I understand there are financial problems abounding right now, but there is no cost for having cheerleaders, the band has their uniforms already, and selling hot dogs at the concession stand might be a great revenue for the school.

Let us bring back what we love about the Willmar Cardinals. They deserve to be cheered for all the way.

Downtown Willmar has changed. People coming through Willmar now use the bypass and miss downtown. Some of the stores moved to the mall.

I remember going downtown at Christmas and seeing the stores decorated for Christmas and the beautiful lights along the street. Let's bring that back again. Willmar does not have to be historic. Let's make it what it used to be. I think the City Council should try and find new businesses to fill the old Erickson store and other empty stores.

Change happens, but not always for the better.

Joanne Milham