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Letter: Bring back work programs

A recent article about high unemployment brought to mind the great depression when the Civilian Conservation Corp was born, more commonly called the CCC. This organization provided work and vocational training for young unmarried men to develop our country's resources. One example we have is Sibley State Park. But now just the maintenance of our parks is critical. Perhaps it is time to bring back some of these programs or at least something like them.

One thing that could be addressed is the many people on welfare. I would think, if they are able bodied, here is manpower that could be utilized in many ways and since we are already taking care of them there wouldn't be additional labor costs. They could help with street repair or supervising our city parks and ice rinks to make them safer. There must be many areas in agriculture that could be filled by temporary labor. Women improving the child-to-worker ratio in daycare. I'm sure businesses and the county could come up with ideas far beyond my poor attempt. I believe most human beings want to be productive and have the satisfaction of contributing something worthwhile to their day.

Also, monthly drug tests. If they are users, their children should be removed from the home until they have gone through treatment and if refusing treatment removed from the welfare rolls. Also if they have a car, payments for liability insurance will come out of their monthly checks and ours won't continue to rise.

As a society it is time for us to really help those to help themselves and just giving handouts doesn't solve a thing. That's not how this country was built and we are losing our national pride because of it.

We have become a society of extreme liberalism, great immorality, greed and sloth. At the same time political correctness has us in a stranglehold. Sometimes a small effort can provide great results.

Patricia Carter Harding