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Letter: Build a pro-marriage majority

What is the Marriage Majority Initiative? The Marriage Majority Initiative will work to restore a pro-marriage majority in the Minnesota House in 2014 by supporting legislators who withstood immense political pressure in order to cast a vote in defense of traditional marriage, and by helping Minnesotans find better representation for themselves in districts where legislators abandoned their constituents in favor of the same-sex “marriage” lobby. The LGBT activists, through character assassination and emotional blackmail, have succeeded in changing the minds of many legislators who went against the desires of their constituents. When the chosen representation fails us, we the people have the opportunity to choose new leaders.

Don’t be fooled into thinking freedom to marry is all the LGBT are after. According to Professor Teresa Collett, professor of constitutional law, the religious liberties exemption in the same-sex marriage bill of Minnesota is clearly inadequate to protect those who disapprove because of religious reasons. Institutions will be subject to both civil and religious discrimination litigation.

Interestingly in January, France, whose own gay activists now regret the redefinition of marriage and the family, themselves had led the French people in a protest against the redefinition of marriage. As stated by Oscar Lopez, “The live and let live philosophy of life should not apply when the trend is to take away the rights of children. The rights of children trump the rights to children.” A child’s most sacred right is to have a father and a mother. The bill will prove to be a disaster for our children, our families and our country.

So when I see our media so delighted over the Aug. 1 Minneapolis City Hall marriages, I can only come up with the conclusion that they haven’t done their homework, nor have they thought for themselves, but conveniently bought into a lie.

Helen Beekman