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Letter: Bush tax cuts hurt us

We are told that if we raise taxes on the rich they will not spend money to create jobs in the United States. This tax relief they have enjoyed since the Bush administration. So where are the jobs? Unemployment has increased exponentially since these tax breaks were inaugurated, and instead of investing in the United States, businesses have been creating jobs overseas in China and India to realize a fast buck and a quick return on their investments. Big business has become international with no concern at all for domestic recovery.

Meanwhile, we continue to import vastly more foreign goods than we sell. China uses its huge profits from its exports to our consumers to buy up real estate here as well as some of our biggest American corporations. We are, as a result, monstrously in debt to China. If they should withdraw their investments here, we would immediately be plunged into a depression unlike any we have known to this date.

Meanwhile each year the gap between the rich and the poor in the United States is growing exponentially. Big business controls our congresspersons lock, stock and barrel with the huge amounts of money stuffed by lobbyists into their pockets, their sole concern being re-elected.

The billions being spent during this midterm election is an indication of how determined big corporations, insurance companies and bankers are to continue their practices of graft and greed without restrictions of any kind from government. It was big business that engineered the present economic meltdown, but the electorate is convinced by propaganda from the Republicans that it was all due to big government instead.

It is only big government that stands to rescue us from the debacle we are now experiencing. God save us all.

Lee Paulson