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Letter: Calvin is the best choice for mayor of Willmar

I have just finished reading the West Central Tribune’s Thursday, July 10, issue. I find the article and ad about Bob Skor to be very interesting.

Mr. Skor must not have researched the background and record of Marv Calvin. I had the distinct pleasure of serving under then-Fire Chief Calvin. If you were to poll those current and former firefighters that served under Mr. Calvin, you would find that while striving to provide the best service to our community, Marv always did so with a careful eye on the budget.

While a lot of people would use the attitude of “if I don’t use all of my budget, I will not receive my full budget request for next year”, Mr. Calvin did not do this. He watched his budget very carefully and in my experience while serving under his leadership, was likely to turn back money every year and not use the full budget as approved by the City Council.

Marv is not someone to spend money simply because “we want this” or “this would be neat to have.” He will carefully examine the budget requests and be a strong advocate for what is best for all of the citizens of Willmar.

Marv is one of the most fiscally conservative men that I have had the privilege to know and call friend. I strongly support and encourage all citizens of Willmar to look closely at the candidates for mayor. When you do this, it is without a doubt you will conclude that Marv Calvin for mayor is not only the best choice, but the only choice for a fiscally responsible mayor.

Craig Baker