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Letter: Calvin’s qualified to be mayor

It is with great hope for Willmar that I write this letter.

We have a new candidate for mayor who is well qualified to fulfill that role. With years of experience, public authority, level-headedness, in a very responsible, demanding, and critical position, he has shown us that he is a recognized professional in his field, who asks the important questions before he decides on a plan of action. He has been in charge of the safety of our entire community, bringing new methods, dedicated and well trained personnel, and up-to-date equipment to carry out his duty.

I am writing about Marvin Calvin, Willmar’s former fire chief for 12 years. Following in the footsteps of his equally dedicated mentor, Merle Berkeland, Willmar has enjoyed years of safety from several forms of fires and disasters that beset a community of our size.

Marv Calvin’s position as Willmar Fire Chief has meant that he, among many other things:

Understood and carried out budgets that affected his department;

Understood Willmar street design planning as it applied to the safety and speed in which a disaster call could be answered;

Understood procedures and protocols that relate to local government;

Updated fire team members with education and exercises for their safety, and positive outcomes of the Fire Department calls;

Presented new ideas, information and communication to the public through Kaffe Fest breakfasts at the Fire Hall, the Willmar Fire Department’s yearly calendar, announcements of public interest and information on the Fire Department’s electronic sign at First Street and Trott Avenue Southwest.

It is to our great advantage that Marv Calvin has decided that he would like to continue serving our community in a positive leadership role. He brings with him years of experience, knowledge and commitment to Willmar’s best interests. I urge you to meet him, listen to his broader and positive vision for city’s future and then vote for him as mayor of Willmar in the fall election. He will answer the call as he always has, with diligence and honor.

Mary Lou Arne