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Letter: Canadian system may be best

After much thought about this, it would seem that there is more than one problem.

Not the least is big money behind the scene. Millionaires and billionaires buy stock in HMO's. The CEO sees to it that they receive a good increase for their investment. This makes for a large increase in the cost of our medicines. Then the stock holders meet and give the CEO a several million dollar bonus in addition to his already exorbitant wage. This adds another large raise to the cost of our health care. Some little old ladies who don't have a penny to spare have to pay these jacked up prices for their medicines.

The CEO compensation for one year that I have seen is more than $30 million. What we have right now is not health care at all, rather it is wealth care.

It seems to me that our best option right now would be a plan like Canada's. It may not be the best possible plan, but until our representatives clean up their act and serve the people instead of special interests, and are satisfied with the wage we pay them, it seems to be the best we can do.

Richard Brower

Lake Lillian