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Letter: The canaries in the coal mine

Years ago, before there was lots of technology, underground miners would take canaries with them when they went into the mines, the reason being the canaries could sense ground tremors before the miners would and become agitated, thereby warning the miners.

Today we are seeing many canaries in the world. One of the many is the debt crisis in Europe. Another is the unrest in the Arab world with the so-called anti-Muslim film. If we don't pay attention to canaries, we will be seeing the same thing happening in America if President Obama is reelected. If reelected he will go from being campaigner-in-chief to wrecking-the- Constitution-in-chief. He proved that when he told Vladimir Putin after the election he would have "more flexibility" and to give him some more "space." That was a very telling comment as to his real intentions for America.

When he was recently on the Letterman show, when asked about the debt he said that it doesn't matter in the short term. Well, Mr. Obama, it does matter -- and just a reminder: The debt was $10 trillion when you took office.

Speaking of the Constitution, there are many on the left that would love to limit the First Amendment in wake of the recent release of the anti-Muslim movie trailer on You Tube, which was the so-called reason for the attack on our consulate and the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three others in Libya. It sure looks like Obama's Middle East foreign policy isn't working.

If you are a firearm owner, Obama and Eric Holder will go after them with a vengeance. If you look back at Mr. Obama's past record on the Second Amendment, it's a very dismal one to say the least.

America, it's time to pay attention to the canaries.

Earl Pederson