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Letter: Candidate grateful for support, write-in campaign endangered Bergeth's job

First of all I’d like to congratulate Audrey Nelsen on her election to the Willmar City Council.  I know she will work hard for the community and ask all the right questions. It’s a little easier facing defeat when you know the person who won is someone who listens to her constituents and will make sound decisions on the council.

To the people who were running the write-in campaign for Todd Bergeth, I’d ask if they realized they were putting his job in jeopardy. Todd followed the election rules by graciously withdrawing from the election when Audrey and I did not sign waivers. He was very gracious and understanding in a conversation we had recently.

The Secretary of State’s office considers a write-in campaign the same as a regular one. So the day I came home and found a flyer encouraging me to put Todd in the write-in slot or when I discovered phone calls were being made to people in the Fourth Ward on his behalf, I could have called Lakeland Broadcasting and requested Todd be taken off the air.

I knew that Todd was not involved in this effort personally and have great respect for Steve Linder and did not want to have them suffer the consequences of someone else’s actions. Hopefully in the future the individuals responsible for this write-in effort will pay more attention to the rules and regulations that are in place. I have a great deal of respect for Todd and would hate to see him put in this situation again.

I would also like to encourage the citizens of Willmar to be involved in the workings of the city. Go to a City Council meeting once or twice and see what is going on. Most of us get our information about the council from the media but firsthand is always better.

Thanks to the people who cast votes for me as well as all the folks who don’t live in Ward Four but offered me encouragement.

Jay Lawton