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Letter: A candidate with integrity

The problem with politicians is you feel you can never trust them! When they are in the limelight during an election year, they seem to say whatever they think you want to hear and behave very differently than they do when they are serving in office. This Nov. 2, I will have the privilege of voting for a man I have known for three years now. Bruce Vogel helped me buy my house. The newspaper was not there, the radio interviewers were not there, no one but Bruce and me (and my friend).

Being a foreclosure home, the days turned into weeks and into months as Bruce worked hard to close the deal for us. With no political limelight, I saw Bruce work with patience and integrity even in the midst of so many setbacks; he always was honest with us, patient in the midst of the frustrations of dealing with the foreclosure company and always greeted us with a smile.

They say integrity is how you behave when no one is watching. Bruce Vogel is a man with integrity! I can vote this year for Bruce Vogel, knowing I am voting for a man who will stay true to his promises, work patiently across the aisle and will always vote to secure equal funding for our schools, lower our taxes, stop the out-of-control government spending and will work hard to keep business in Minnesota. Vote Vogel Nov. 2.

Lori Anderson