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Letter: Careful what you vote for

No election in memory provides the distinctions among the candidates as appear before us for voting next week. The palette of choices and what they represent is as clear as you could hope for, and the results will echo within our state and country for a long time.

Too bad our candidates are cloaked with partisan labels that inhibit our consideration to vote for someone who would represent our values. So many Minnesotans seem unable to break loose from the age-old traditions handed down by their parents, schoolteachers, friends and co-workers. This election might give strength to those "on the fence" to either stay home or cross over if they face the reality their DFL vote no longer comes close to their values.

Support for marijuana, abortion, gambling expansion, higher taxes, gay marriage, illegal immigration, rampant litigation and the destruction of many family values are the cornerstones of the DFL. It is a coalition of strange ideas living on a legacy that used to be far different. It's hard to believe some very nice people, if elected, will have to support these values. Look at the record; that's how it works.

Oh, for the days of "Leave It to Beaver," family dinner, Bible-based church values, primetime TV that doesn't embarrass you; but wishing won't make these happen. Your vote could move us in that direction. You don't really want to go the other way, do you?

David Herzer