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Letter: The carp plague at Wakanda

I read with great interest the story about Wakanda's most recent fish kill.

It's always interesting to read the DNR's side of the story, and it always requires a follow-up. One might believe this winter was extraordinarily cold and snowy, but it's not. It's just a normal Minnesota winter.

And for the fourth time, during such a winter, Wakanda's aerator has failed. However, the last time was not in the mid-1990s, it was in 2000 and the West Central Tribune even did a story about it.

And of course there won't be any summer fishing -- there never is since the walleyes gorge on bullheads and besides, the lake is so nasty in the summer, who could fish it without gagging?

Most of the time the DNR says Wakanda will never recover without Grass Lake, so it's nice to see them admit that we might see clear water and vegetation again. But for that to happen, we'll need a near complete kill of carp and bullheads and considering the current condition, it may take more than one year to see the benefits.

Finally, the last sentence needs a little work -- "without effective barriers, we will see the effect of carp again." As stated, barriers aren't 100 percent effective so regardless, without frequent winter kills, we will be plagued by carp forever.

When will the DNR quit farming carp at Wakanda?

There's over two dozen other places to fish for walleyes in Kandiyohi County.