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Letter: Cartoon was racist

Last week I wrote a letter criticizing your paper for its biased political reporting, but the article I complained about pales next to the atrocious cartoon published in the Sept. 15 edition.

I realize that the cartoons you publish are syndicated and not created in your office. But I also realize that you choose the cartoons that are printed and you determine the size at which one is printed.

I am very appalled that you would use Barack Obama's comment that John McCain's economic policies are like putting lipstick on a pig as an excuse to equate the first presidential candidate with African ancestry to a barnyard animal.

I know that some pundits and a McCain commercial have tried to connect Obama's use of the pig analogy with Sarah Palin's characterization of herself as a pit bull with lipstick. But even McCain finally admitted that Obama did not call Palin a pig. Your choice to print this racist and bigoted cartoon is entirely inexcusable.

Ed Downey