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Letter: The case for medical marijuana

I believe it's about time our state, country and misinformed individuals start looking at medical marijuana with an open mind. It starts with the media. Several papers on Tuesday printed an article that stated "Pot smoking bill proposed again." This is not about smoking pot! Marijuana, as it is called, is an excellent drug for nausea, pain, glaucoma and making the final days of suffering people more comfortable. It has fewer side effects than most medications. If you doubt this, look at the papers you receive with the prescriptions you take; you might be surprised.

The main problem with the legalization of marijuana is the monitoring of the growing operations themselves. As seen in Denver, most of the grade A marijuana grown for patients ends up on the street while the patients get grade D. If we can regulate the growers and make sure the patients get the correct medicine, we will be fine.

In regards to the people who say marijuana led them down the wrong path, we all make choices and I bet you would have used hard drugs and gotten in trouble anyway. Don't blame it on marijuana; that's just an excuse.

Over 200 years ago the great George Washington said hemp could be the greatest cash crop of all time. Look at our economy and you can see anything would help -- the legalization of hemp for rope, clothes, etc and marijuana for people who are terminally ill or trying to get through chemotherapy. All this can be taxed! If law enforcement is so concerned, maybe they should educate the public and monitor the growers and we will be fine.

The American people have had enough of these scare tactics based on nonsense. Many sick people have to go to scary or unsafe areas to get marijuana. This bill would eliminate that, raise money for the economy and most importantly help suffering people. What's wrong with that?