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Letter: Casting the first stone

On March 29 another article covering the sex abuse in the Catholic Church was in the West Central Tribune. Thanks for at least showing the graph proving the Church is doing something about getting rid of the filth in the Church even if most of these claims are from decades ago.

I do not in any way condone the sexual abuse that has happened but I do have a problem with the media only bringing to the public eye what concerns the Catholic Church. What about the average number of cases involving Protestant churches?

According to statistics I found on the Internet, that number is around 260 cases settled by their insurance carriers each year. We very seldom hear of them or if we do, it is a one-day news item.

Catholics have been quiet about these events because it is very embarrassing and when it comes to other churches we know what it is like to be accused of such a heinous crime and we do not wish to call attention to their problems -- but it is time to call for parity in media attention.

There are sinners among all people -- even Christ said "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone." Even one of his chosen 12 betrayed him and if he (Judas) had only asked for forgiveness for that betrayal, Christ would have forgiven him.

So, let's not convict the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. He has been doing his best to rid the Church of this horrendous crime. And for people of all faiths to pray not only for an end to this tragic immorality but also for an end to abortion, contraception and to all immoral laws that allow such abuses to God's laws.

Mary Gigstad