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Letter: Caucus night is coming!

As the Republican Party co-chair for Kandiyohi County, I wanted to remind readers that Tuesday, Feb. 7, is caucus night for Republicans in Minnesota.

It will be the first opportunity many of us have to formally voice our opinions on issues like fiscal responsibility, sensible government, and other local, regional or national issues. There are only two requirements for participating and voting in your caucus, the first being that you are a qualified voter in Minnesota, will be at least 18 on Election Day, and are a resident of the precinct that you caucus with.

The second is that you are in agreement with the principles of the Republican Party as stated in the party's constitution and who either voted or were affiliated with the party at the last general election or so intend to do so in the next general election this fall. I strongly encourage everyone who meets these requirements to attend their local Republican caucus.

Attendees are welcome to participate or simply observe. It's a wonderful way to meet local Republican candidates, discuss public policy issues with one's neighbors, and cast one's vote in Minnesota's Republican presidential straw poll. All caucus locations in Kandiyohi County will begin 7 p.m. Tuesday. We expect good attendance so please try to arrive early to facilitate registration and determine, for those who are not sure, which precinct is theirs.

To get your Kandiyohi County Republican caucus location, please visit or call the Kandiyohi County Auditor. See you Tuesday night!

Roland A. "Rollie" Nissen