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Letter: The cause of climate change

In responding to my Aug. 20 letter, the author of “Thoughts on carbon dioxide” in the Aug. 24 paper completely dodged my main point, mainly that America’s contribution of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere is very tiny and therefore irrelevant to the so-called global warming problem.

The author did not refute my claim that “About 95 percent of the greenhouse gas effect comes from water vapor and 0.117 percent of the greenhouse effect is due to man-made atmospheric CO2 (these figures take into account the heat retention capabilities of the gases).”

I further showed with more figures that America’s coal-burning contribution of greenhouse gases amounted to 0.0076 percent of the total “greenhouse effect.” To me, this amount seems so puny that even the variability of the ocean’s CO2 absorption/emissions cycle rates would render the figure meaningless.

I also stated that “this administration could shut down every coal-fired plant in the U.S.A. and accomplish nothing (except destroy thousands of jobs in mining, processing and railroading of coal and wasting taxpayers’ money).” And, that “China burns more coal than the U.S., Europe and Japan combined.” These points were avoided too.

He points out that the CO2 level is now at 400 parts per million. Well, that’s just so much more plant food for our planet. Did you know that greenhouse equipment suppliers sell CO2 generators that can boost your greenhouse atmosphere up to 1500 ppm CO2? It makes for healthier plants.

In summary: It’s the sun and ocean, not man’s puny efforts, that change climate. No need to destroy coal mining jobs.

Phil Drietz