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Letter: Celebrate the holy season

It was a miserable night. The temperature had dropped, the wind was blowing and snow was dusting all the little nooks and crannies of the land.

The young couple had just entered the town and were unsuccessfully seeking a place of shelter. If it hadn't been demanded that they make this journey, so far from family and friends, they would never have come. The girl was so afraid and silently wished for her mother to be with her because soon she would give birth to her first child. Her husband felt a great concern for the task ahead, but before he could worry about that, he must find shelter and get her out of the bitter cold. How would he handle her travail when he couldn't even find a place for them to lay their heads? He wanted a place of privacy so that the eyes of strangers wouldn't invade their space. Finally, a place was found, a sheltered place that was warm and dry.

Upon a silent night, within a lowly stable, the gift of love was born.

This great country of ours was founded on the teaching of that baby, that grew to be a man, whose words were never lost. And because of him we tolerate all other faiths, even those who choose not to have one. But we are Christians and will sing our songs of faith in schools and public places. We will greet one another with a "Merry Christmas," not the generic "Happy Holidays" and for those who don't like the sights or sounds of this holy season, close your ears and turn your backs.

Why is it that the "others" are allowed to dictate to us and Christians all over the world are martyred for their faith? It's time for us to say we will not be silenced. We will celebrate the biggest birthday party of the year at any place and at any time. "So fall on your knees, oh hear the angels' voices, oh night divine, the night that Christ was born." I wish you a Merry Christmas and a hope for a wonderful new year.

Patricia Carter Harding