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Letter: A champion for the poor

Practically all legislation for the common good has first been advanced by socialists: child labor laws, the Pure Food and Drug Acts, the end of exploitation of the laboring class through unions and cooperative action, pensions for the elderly, protection for the environment, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, fair taxation, universal health plans and the distribution of wealth.

At first all have been rejected as preposterous proposals and harmful to business interests by both parties, sometimes even with brutal police action against these zealous reformers, but then much later picked up by either Democrats or Republicans and passed into law as campaign issues of their own devising.

Socialism which is clearly based upon the radical social ideas recorded in the New Testament by Jesus of Nazareth, whose words were directed primarily as compassion for the poor and disadvantaged during his brief ministry on earth, were at one time most influential in the creation of socialist movements around the world.

Because it later became associated with atheistic Marxism in Russia, China, etc. however, it has become in the minds of too many as of the devil and feared above all social systems.

But even in the Annunciation as recorded as part of the Magnificat, Mary, the mother of Jesus, cried out in anticipation of her son’s birth that he would be a champion of the poor and the rich he would send empty away!

Lee Paulson