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Letter: A chip on editor’s shoulder?

I believe that Rick Fagerlie was correct when he surmised at a Willmar City Council meeting that someone had a “chip on their shoulder,” but he incorrectly assumed it was Councilman Steve Ahmann. Rather, it is obviously the editorial staff of this newspaper. Ahmann was accused by this paper of making inappropriate, naïve and ill-advised statements that constituted poor leadership.

On the contrary, good leadership calls for a policy on tax abatements to serve as guidelines for council actions. This is naïve? Good leadership means questioning and debating council actions that may result in harmful results to our citizens. This is inappropriate?

Since tax abatements mean the rest of us must pay more, they must be given on a case to case basis with the principle of doing what would be best for the city and its citizens. This is ill advised?

Ahmann is doing what he was elected to do — question, and if need be, criticize to get a result best suited for all the city’s citizens. The paper’s editorial board should look at its collective shoulders and if the chips are there, take them away. That’s good editorial policy. Anything else is harmful to all of us.

Joe Thompson