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Letter: Citizens held hostage to uncertainty

Our nation has just experienced a devastating couple of weeks, leaving our citizens feeling frustrated and angry, which we should. A small minority of Tea Party Republicans held the future of our country hostage to the uncertainty of this costly shutdown. (Cost estimated at $20 billion.) Fortunately, we Minnesotans from the First and Seventh Congressional Districts are represented by the Minnesota common-sense representatives of Congress, Tim Walz and Collin Peterson, and Minnesota senators Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken.

For almost five years, the Republicans have continued to undermine and sabotage the Obama administration at the expense of the entire nation. We cannot ignore how we appear on the international stage as well.

Ever since the end of the Bush administration, our economy has continued to improve, but it is still fragile. These periods of uncertainty caused by bipartisan agendas and real gridlock continue to affect middle-class Americans across the nation. We, as citizens, need to stay informed and respond to our elected leaders and representatives in order to continue to work towards a better America.

Gerry Patten

Redwood Falls