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Letter: The City Council needs fixing

I’m a little surprised by some of Mayor Frank Yanish’s comments in his State of the City address. His claim that the Willmar City Council is not dysfunctional goes counter to what the consultant, hired by the council, stated in his report. He mentions that the council should be transparent and ensure they are following open meeting rules.

I’m wondering how this lines up with the mayor’s changes in appointees to various bodies without being able to share his reasons for doing so. He also mentions his, and the council’s, critics and comments that non-elected people are trying to run the city.

It’s my understanding that the council has the only authority to make legislative decisions affecting the operation of the city. Unfortunately the mayor and some council members appear to believe that anyone with an opinion other than theirs is a troublemaker. It’s my understanding that in a democracy part of the process is listening to and discussing varying opinions.

If I recall, the Constitution guarantees freedom of speech. I have been treated in a manner that I felt was belittling by some of the council members at different times, both when making comments at council meetings and in other circumstances and that gives me cause for concern.

We citizens will have an opportunity in November to decide if the current council is dysfunctional or not. Consider carefully your choices when casting your votes.

Jay Lawton