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Letter: Is a city vehicle cost fair?

Is it right for a city of Willmar department head who took their job knowing that they lived approximately 30 miles from Willmar to be given a 2011 Ford Explorer LTD? This vehicle cost the city taxpayers about $29,000 with taxes and I'm sure not the best the city could have bought for gas mileage.

Our city administrator bought this vehicle for this department head to use on a 24/7 basis. This also means the city will be furnishing the gas, maintenance and upkeep for this vehicle. Based on a five-day work week, this could amount to 15,600 miles per year just to and from work. Being generous and allowing for 25 miles per gallon highway use, the taxpayers would be out another $2,600, not counting other use by the person (figures based on $3.85 a gallon).

When department heads take a position for the city of Willmar, they know that if they live out of town they will have to commute. They also know that there would be a city vehicle available to them when they get to work if needed. They also know that they will be making over $100,000 per year with benefits.

Should they also deserve a vehicle for their use 24/7? I believe not and would hope that tax-paying citizens of Willmar would agree with me. Call your councilperson, the mayor and the city administrator.

There is no excuse for this abuse of taxpayer monies.

John L. Sullivan