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Letter: A clear choice in November

Despite Graden West's desperate pleas in his Aug. 16 letter to the editor, and a followup letter just this week, people who visited our Republican booth at the Kandiyohi County Fair did not seem to agree with his plea for higher taxes and more burdensome regulation.

During our four days at the fair we actually asked the people about their thoughts through the use of a three-question poll. A fourth question was used to determine the makeup of our respondents. Because we were offering a prize for answering our survey, only 55.9 percent of those taking the survey were Republican. The rest of those responding were Independents, Democrats, and those that "vote for the person."

This diverse group, though, when asked specifically what the best approach would be to create jobs and grow the economy, chose the Republican position of lower taxes on business and less burdensome regulation. Over 85 percent of those responding chose those solutions over government stimulus or subsidies.

Similarly, when asked what federal or state governments should do to solve the budget shortfall, 92.7 percent chose the common-sense "kitchen table" solution of reducing spending over the Democratic solution of raising taxes and/or government borrowing (deficit spending).

The third question was about protecting the integrity of our voting system. 91.2 percent of those polled were in favor of the requirement to show a federal or state I.D. in order to vote in our elections. Yet when this common-sense solution has been proposed, the Democrats had opposed it.

The voters at the fair spoke very clearly about what the solutions are because they are just common sense. You can't spend money you don't have and you can't create jobs by taxing job producers or by adding miles and miles of red tape to projects. The choice couldn't be more clear. Vote Republican.

Roland "Rollie" Nissen


Kandiyohi County Republicans